We care deeply about making a handcrafted savory yogurt of the highest quality. Sohha Greek Yogurt has only 3 ingredients: milk, culture, & sea salt.

Our Ingredients – The Finest Quality

Milk: We use premium milk, Hudson Valley Fresh (HVF) (
This farmer owned coop provides premium milk, and thus provides living wages for their farmers.
These farms are sustainable (No hormones-rBST or rBGH). HVF has clean, healthy, and happy cows.
Because of that, they produce the unusually high amounts of nutrients, including omega-3.
It is “smart food” for humans.

Cultures: Our Greek yogurt contains the following probiotics: L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus,
L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and L. casei.

Sea Salt: Our sea salt is true sea salt—never processed—and naturally collected by artisans from the sea. Aside from sodium, sea salt contains other healthy minerals, including iron, sulfur, magnesium, and other trace elements.

Toppings – A Mediterranean Touch

Sohha Signature: Everything Bagel

Sea Salt: We use various unprocessed sea salts: Himalayan and infused sea salts.

Fruits/Vegetables: We use a wide array of ingredients that most people would not associate with yogurt.
We plan to source our fruits and vegetables farm-to-product, from urban farms in Brooklyn and Hudson Valley.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive (EVOO) is a critical ingredient.
EVOO has a variety of flavors—fruity and sweet to bitter—and we have found infused olive oils that create
wonderful and unexpected flavors on the palate.

Nuts: We will also offer a variety of nuts- a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Yogurt Doesn’t Have To Be Sweet

Benefits of Yogurt

* High in nutrients, calcium and a good source of omega 3

* High in protein – 2x more!

* Probiotics for digestion

* Low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar

* Served as a snack or a meal

* Use as a spread or as a substitute in recipes- replaces butter/sour cream/cream cheese

“ Your yogurt is delicious. It is so rich with flavor. I have never had food that made me think of being on a beach in Tel Aviv before.” Gil G., New York, NY